India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim hospitalised in karachi amid poisoning

Underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim has reprtedly been hospitalised in karachi, pakistan, due to a serious health complication, with speculation suggesting he might have been poisoned, according to undisclosed sources. The notorious don, known for his criminal activites, has been under medical care for the past two days, prompting questions about the cause of his hospitalization.

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He is under stringent security measures in the hospital,being the sole occupant of his floor, with access limited to top hospital authorities and immediate family members. His health has sparked heightened curiosity about the circumstances behind his current condition.

Mumbai blast:

Reports indicate that Dawood Ibrahim, considered the mastermind behind the 1993 mumbai blasts,has resided in pakistan for decades despite being one of india’s most wanted criminals. Though indian authorities have frequnetly claimed his presence in karachi’s upscale clifton area, pakistan has consistently denied harboring him. Recent statements from Ibrahim’s nephew to the national investigation agency revealed details abouthis familial ties in karachi.

NIA chargesheet:

The NIA chargesheet unveiled that Ibrahim has a second wife named Maizabin, along with three daughters and one son. Furthermore, it highlighted allegations against the D-company, suggesting the establishment of a specialized unit for orchestrsting terror attacks targeting prominet figures within india, including politicians and businesspersons.

Dawood and his D-company:

The D-company, under Ibrahim’s alleged control, continues to wield influence over varios criminal activites in mumbai, including drug trafficking, arms trade etc as reported by 10th editon of the Global Terrorism Index.The report further suggests strong connectionsbetween the criminal outfit and global terrorist groups like al-Qaida.

The Mumbai police are activately seeking information about Ibrahim’s hospitalizaion. However despite circulating reports , pakistan authorities have not yet confirmed the allegations.

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